Thorough risk mitigation is the result of proper assessment, 风险知情的工程和设计, and appropriate applications and technology use—all within the framework of a site-specific decision-making process.

We have one of the most diverse and industry-leading teams of risk-informed engineers, 消防专家, regulatory affairs and risk assessment consultants in the world and have been the principal developers for Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) methods and technology for more than 30 years.

从那时起, we have established and maintained a dominant role in the use of risk and reliability techniques to ensure regulatory compliance while enhancing the safety and operational performance of complex facilities, 比如核电站, chemical process facilities and hazardous material storage facilities. Our risk analysis consulting will help you save money, minimize risk and give you the peace of mind that your staff, 设施和环境安全.


Our PRA methods cover the full spectrum of modes, hazards and sources and can support 和替代 发电厂, transmission and distribution facilities as well as industrial and 制造业 操作. We lead the industry with developing and using “living” PRAs to inform real-time processes. Our probability risk analysis uses tested and proven PRA tools and techniques along with historical 操作 libraries and failure data to quantitatively derive the probability of occurrence of highly undesirable events or accidents to support sound decision-making.


QRA对于了解现有的危害至关重要, established mitigation programs and how exposed an engineering process is to these hazards. The knowledge from these models informs risk management decisions to optimize plant performance and safety.


降低风险, 彩宝网平台的团队也可以通知电气, 机械, 土木与消防工程设计. We leverage this expertise as well to present cost-effective modifications needed to meet PRA and QRA required outcomes.


  • RiskAdvisr™ 简化消防程序, 安全关闭, cable/raceway management and probabilistic risk assessments for mission-critical facilities.
  • DataAdvisr™ better manages your processes by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to maintain compliance in report assessment and evaluation
  • SMARTPLAN™ 改进应急计划管理, compliance and accessibility for multiple-location 操作.


Acceptability hinges on regulatory and code compliance. Our team of experts have an in-depth knowledge of applicable codes and regulations and can help with evaluations, 等效计算和方差, licenses and license transitions as well as assistance with the preparation for and third-party review of audits and assessments for fire protection and 安全关闭 programs. We can also provide licensing services for safety analysis, 工程设计, 工厂操作, 人为因素, 技术评价与选择, 权衡研究.

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